The Strength of Calcium
with the Purity of Genistein
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Taking Fosteum PLUS

How to Take Fosteum PLUS

You should take Fosteum PLUS twice each day, approximately 12 hours apart or as directed by your doctor. You can take Fosteum PLUS with or without food whichever you prefer. You can take it with any beverage you like, even grapefruit juice or coffee. You do not have to sit or stand after taking Fosteum PLUS. You may take Fosteum PLUS and lie down immediately if you wish.


Do not take Fosteum PLUS if you are allergic to any ingredient in the product. Fosteum PLUS is not intended for pediatric patients or for pregnant or nursing women because it has not been tested in these groups. Since no studies have been done in these populations, as a precaution, Fosteum PLUS is contraindicated for patients with a history of cancer of the breast or reproductive organs.

Side Effects

A possible positive effect of Fosteum PLUS is a reduction in the number and intensity of hot flushes over time.

A small percentage of patients may have nausea or an upset stomach after taking Fosteum PLUS. If this should happen, try to take Fosteum PLUS with food. This may reduce the likelihood of nausea or upset stomach. Other possible side effects are mild breast tenderness, which usually disappears with time.

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  • Why Fosteum Plus?
  • Why Medical Foods?
Why Fosteum Plus?
Fosteum PLUS is the only product available clinically proven to manage bone loss that offers calcium, phosphate and MK-7 in a single capsule along with genistein, citrated zinc bisglycinate and vitamin. Each ingredient is chosen for its specific action in helping to build quality bone.
Why Medical Foods?
Medical foods are an official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) category of products that must have therapeutic value based on recognized science. The name “medical foods” was chosen by the U.S. Congress. All medical foods must meet the distinctive dietary requirements of a particular disease.